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Related article: Affairs of the Heart - Chapter 3 Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Vascardi Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work. Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line ICQ: 53886549 My Website: Chapter 3 It's been a month and a half now since Kristen told Kevin about her pregnancy, and now at six months pregnant, she is definitely showing it. Kristen lies on the table in an obstetrician's office waiting for the doctor to come in and do an ultrasound. This will actually be her first one, because until now with all of the touring, she didn't have time to get in to see an obstetrician. The baby has been kicking up a storm, so Kristen is taking that as a sign that she has a healthy baby, hopefully. "Hello, Mrs. Richardson," replies a young man as he walks in, "I'm Dr. Scott Grainger, ready for your ultrasound?" "Yes," replies Kristen, "Oh, my husband and I don't want to know the sex of the baby." "Okay, then at some point in the procedure, I'll ask you to turn away from the monitor," replies Dr. Grainger, as Kristen nods in understanding, "So that you can't see for yourself the sex of the baby." The nurse starts up the equipment, as Dr. Grainger puts on some plastic gloves, lifts up Kristen's blouse, and begins to spread a clear substance on her stomach. Dr. Grainger begins to perform the ultrasound shortly afterwards, and immediately notices something. "Kristen, when was the last time you saw a doctor?" "Well, my husband is of course Kevin of the Backstreet Boys, and I'm one of their dancers, or was anyway," replies Kristen, "So what with touring and all, I haven't had the time to make an appointment in awhile. Last one was about two months ago and this is my first ultrasound." "Well, Kristen," replies Dr. Grainger, "I'd suggest you buy two of everything." "What? Why??" "You've got twins here," replies Dr. Grainger, as he points to the monitor, "See? Here's one of the babies heads, and there's the other. That's probably why it seems as if the baby has been kicking so much. Because there's two of them doing the kicking." "Oh my god," replies Kristen, "Just when I got used to the thought of being a mother, and got over my fears of having one, now I find out I'm having two? Kevin is going to faint." Dr. Grainger laughs a little at that comment, having quite literally seen soon to be fathers fainting after finding out that their wives were pregnant with twins. "Would you like a printout?" replies Dr. Grainger, "A lot of people like to call the ultrasound printout their first baby pictures." "Yes, I want one," replies Kristen, "Just make sure I can't tell by the printout what the sex is. I'll need the printout though, cause Kevin probably won't believe me when I tell him. Oh god, twins? I don't even believe it myself." ---- "Ash?" "Yeah, Zach?" "Come on, we have to head over to the grocery store and do some shopping." "Isn't that what we pay Mrs. Lansbury for?" "Yes, but she has the week off remember? So come on let's go." "Alright, but I'm telling you now. If I get mobbed, I'm killing you," replies Ashley as he turns off the tv and follows Zach out to the garage. Ashley and Zach get into Zach's custom-made blue Mercedes-Benz ML55AMG and drive off towards the store. ---- Meanwhile, upstairs in her bedroom, Diana sits on her bed, painting her fingernails as she pages through an entertainment magazine. Her eyes practically bulge out of her head when she sees that the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are performing tomorrow evening at Madison Square Garden in New York, and this is the first she's heard of it. Diana picks up the telephone, and quickly dials a phone number. "Hello, Smith Industries, how may I direct your call?" "Yes, this is Diana Smith. Chairman Donald Smith's daughter. I need to speak with my father, immediately." "Yes, ma'am, one moment." "Diana, honey! How are you?" "Just fine, dad," replies Diana, "Listen, could you do me, Ashley and Zach a huge favor?" "I'll do anything for my children, you know that." "Could we borrow the jet?" "What do you need the jet for?" "The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are performing tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden," replies Diana, "And I so want to go. You know Ash and Zach would love to go to. Nn Preteen Please daddy? Pretty please? With sugar on top? You'll make your daughter the happiest girl on earth! And Zach and Ashley will love you too!" "Fine, Diana, yes, you can use the jet. I'll call the pilot and let him know," replies Donald Smith, "I'll call the garden and have my private box prepared, and I'd call the Plaza and get you a room, but Ashley has an apartment in New York City." "Thanks, daddy! You're the best, I love you so, so much!" "I love you too, honey, see you when you get back from New York. Bye." "Bye." ---- Romantic music plays softly in the background. The only light in the room comes from several candles that are scattered about the room. The room's two occupants sit in each other's arms on the floor in front of the fireplace, sipping champagne. One of the young men leans over and kisses the other passionately for a moment, before starting to nibble on the other's ear, causing him to giggle softly. "I love you Lance." "Ditto." "Would you make love to me?" "Anything for you, Brian, my darling." Lance picks Brian up and carries him over to the bed, before gently placing him down in the center. Lance goes into the bathroom for a minute and grabs a condom and a container of lubricant, before coming back into the bedroom. At the start of their relationship, Brian and Lance agreed that they would use a condom every time they engaged in love making activities, until after they were married. If they did get married that is. They have been together now for nine and a half months, but they haven't gotten engaged yet. Probably because they've been so busy with the tour. Lance smiles at Brian as he begins to dance around in front of the bed, as he begins to slowly and seductively remove his shirt. Brian applauds Lance, as Lance continues to strip for Brian. Once he removes the last article of clothing from his body, Lance comes over to the bed and begins to remove Brian's shirt, followed by his jeans and boxers. Lance leans down and kisses Brian's chest softly, and kisses his way up to Brian's neck, which he sucks on for a moment, leaving a small pink hickey, before moving up to Brian's lips, and initiating a passionate kiss. Lance's tongue darts into Brian's mouth and begins the erotic dance with Brian's tongue that has been practiced more then any of their choreography by this point. The kiss continues for several minutes, before Lance breaks it, and smiles down at Brian. Lance kneels between Brian's legs as Brian spreads his legs apart, bending them at the knees, to give Lance full access. Lance tears open the small foil wrapper, removes the condom, and slips it over his rock hard tool. He once again smiles to Brian, the unspoken "I love you" passing between them, as they look deep into the other's eyes, the windows to the soul. Lance applies some lubricant to Brian's hole, as well as applying some to his covered tool, before positioning the head and slowly pushing forward. One thing that kinda shocked Lance when he first started dating Brian and became sexually active with him is that Brian doesn't wince in pain at all when being penetrated. It's as if he's had this done to him so many times that it just doesn't affect him anymore. That thought has always remained in the back of Lance's mind, and to an extent he worries about how many people he's having sex with in doing it with Brian. It is of course said that Nn Preteen in having sex with one person, you also have sex with every other person they've ever done it with. It's not that Lance is afraid that Brian has any diseases, but it's just something that kinda lingers in the back of his mind, regardless. Though whether it be insecurity about the depth of his relationship with Brian in the way of not knowing how he'd react, or pure fear that he'd have an adverse reaction, Lance has never brought up the subject of past relationships, figuring he'd wait for Brian to bring it up. Lance continues to push forward, until his entire length is engulfed in the warmth that goes along with having one's cock buried deep inside of another person. Lance leans forward and kisses Brian on the lips briefly before beginning to plant kisses on his shoulders and neck as he begins to pull himself out of Brian, stopping with only the head remaining inside, before thrusting forward. "Oh, baby, Brian, you're so tight," replies Lance, as he speeds up his thrusts a bit. "Mmmmph," replies Brian, "Oh god Lance, that feels so good." "Anything for you babe," replies Lance, "Anything for you." ---- "Here Ashley, just wear these," replies Zachary, as he hands his brother a baseball cap and a pair of dark sunglasses, "Nobody should recognize you wearing those." "You'd better hope not," replies Ashley, "Or your life will be over." "No it won't," replies Zachary, "Ash, you're a high-paid model, and your career would be over in two seconds if you were convicted of murder. And I know you aren't going to kill the man you've slept with since you were three years old." "Since birth actually," replies Ashley, "We shared a crib, before we shared a bed." "Yeah, I know," replies Zachary, "Mom and dad were dirt poor back then, and they couldn't afford two cribs." "Yeah, well those days are over," replies Ashley, "Mom is dead, dad is the Chairman of the Board of a multi-million dollar company, and I'm a high-paid model." "Hey, what about me?" "Oh yeah, and then there's my brother," replies Ashley, "The high-school teacher. You know you really should give that up. You know you'll be fired in two seconds if they find out you're gay. Why don't you come work with me? We could do shoots together." "Well, I'll consider it," replies Zachary, "But, I'm just going to finish out the school year at least. I can't just not come back from spring break." "I know that." Just as Ashley and Zach were going to get out of the car and head on into the store to do the grocery shopping, Ashley's cell phone rings. He quickly pulls it out of his black leather jacket and answers it, briefly looking at the caller id display. "Speak." "You need to brush up on your telephone manners, Ash." "I normally say, 'Hello this is Ashley,' but for my annoying sister, I say 'Speak'." "How'd you know it was me?" "Diana has your brain taken a vacation? My cell phone has caller id, remember? You should know. You gave it to me last Christmas." "Oh yeah, that's right. Anyway, I have wonderful news. You and Zach have to come home now." "Why?" "Because you guys need to pack." "Pack? Where are we going?" "New York City. Don't ask anymore questions, just get home." After saying this, Diana hangs up, and Ashley looks quite puzzled as he puts his phone away. "Well, Zach, I guess the grocery shopping is going to have to wait. Diana wants us to come home to pack. Apparently we're going to New York City." "I don't suppose she said Nn Preteen why, did she?" "Nope, this is going to be another surprise a la Diana." "Oh no, I hate those." "So, do I, Zach, most of the time. Who knows, maybe we'll actually like her surprise this time. As doubtful as that may be." "Oh well, might as Nn Preteen well go find out what it is. Brace yourself, bro," replies Zachary as he backs out of the parking space and starts to drive back home. To be continued... Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line ICQ: 53886549 My Website:
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